Thursday, September 9, 2010

Strip Poker Fun

Strip Poker Fun
By: Anonymous

We were just sitting on the couch watching TV one Saturday night when she came out with the suggestion of strip poker. I'd never expected her to be so interested in that. We had not been going out that long, and I had never seen her even semi-naked, although I'd imagined it a lot. Her tight-fitting jeans made her ass look so hot I could not wait to play her out of them.

The game started off quietly, given we only removed our shoes and the like at the start. But it got exciting eventually, when she ended up in her bra and jeans with me in my t-shirt and shorts. Luckily for me, I won the next hand, giving me the chance to see how sexy her ass really was. She stood up and undid her jeans, revealling her sexy black-lace knickers. She turned around and slid her jeans down her legs, and gave me a little wiggle of her ass as she threw them under the table. I felt my cock grow harder at the sight of this - so much so that, after losing the next hand, I removed my shorts to give myself more room. Down to two items each, I won again, and she removed her bra. I slid my hand down my undies as I saw her beautiful breasts bouncing across from me. I nearly started jerking-off but I had to get on with the game. The next hand saw me lose my shirt, but the deciding hand went my way. I was happy, but felt slightly disappointed as she removed her knickers without getting out of her seat. "Come on, I want to see your butt" I said. "I want to get you naked first" she replied "lets play on". "OK" I said, "but what if I win a hand" "Here's how it will work" she said "If I win you get naked and we just get dressed straight away, but if you win, you still get naked and I'll give you a lapdance".

I couldn't resist that offer, so we played one last hand. I was hopeful that two fives would give me victory, but I wasn't confident. She showed me her cards, and she had nothing! I ripped my undies off and pushed my chair back, ready to get my dance. She came over towards me, turned around and stuck her naked ass out at me. I admired the roundness of it, and gasped as she started patting it and making it bounce. She then took her position on my lap, and started pressing her ass against my cock. I got so excited as her smooth and soft ass cheeks grinded against me, with my cock firmy fixed in between them. I could not resist getting her to bend over the table and let me take her up the ass. I slid my cock into her and slowly pounded her ass, enjoying the view of it as it jiggled. She moaned as I was fucking her, and started rubbing her pussy to make it even more exciting. I pulled out just before I was about to cum. She turned around, and I pulled her head towards my cock and shot my load into her mouth. She obviously enjoyed it, because she sucked more out of me. After a while, she decided to pick her clothes up from under the table and get dressed. I was Ok with that; I'd got enough of her naked body to feel happy of my victory.

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